Location: New Delhi

Besides being a team leader, I’ve also learned a lot from our students in the past weeks. I learned how to make American jokes, what it is like in their schools and what teenagers are doing these days. Sometimes there are minor issues here and there, but kids are after all kids, they’re still in the process of learning and growing. Besides, they’re all such wonderful kids. And from them, I can see that the future of our world is going to be better and better. It is always such an honor to see them learning new things every day. And of course, it is also a big worry to see them falling sick due to Dharamsala monsoon. I call myself shepherd and they are my sheep. I drive them in the morning to the mountains and drive them back home in the evening, always making sure they stay safe, healthy, and enjoy every moment of their short stay here. Most importantly, I always try to make sure that besides gifts from the bazaars of India that they bought for their families and friends back home, they could bring something meaningful with them that will always be a source of encouragement and strength for them for their days to come. With love, Shepard Jampa.