Location: Cuzco

Author: Lisa Location: Cuzco


Author: Brooke Location: Cuzco Today the Lifeworks group woke up early to indulge in a traditional Peruvian breakfast of bread, jam and a variety of tropical juices to prepare for the long day ahead at Casa Mantay. Leaving the hostel at eight o’clock and arriving at the volunteer site, the group was divided into three sections each possessing different roles. Two volunteers were assigned the role of working in the daycare center while another two worked in the kitchen with other mothers to prepare the day’s large family style lunch. The rest of the group took part in the job of demolishing the worn and hazardous concrete that resided within the center of the sanctuary. Coming up with the idea of an assembly line, we were able to efficiently transport the broken stone slabs into a pile safely outside of the center of living. When that particular task was complete, fueled solely off the energy of teamwork, volunteers then moved onto the next task of carrying the ground soil underneath the previous concrete into a similar area. This job enabled the ground to be leveled off for a new and safe concrete job to be instilled within the center of Casa Mantay. After consuming a delicious lunch consisting of a potato-based casserole and watermelon, the group was able to create a game of volleyball with the mothers that continued until our departure. Upon our return to the hostel, volunteers packed in preparation for the next locations adventures. The day ended with a dinner at a restaurant whose profits go towards helping the homeless children of Cuzco, in which we celebrated the Lifework’s student Lisa’s sixteenth birthday with a rich chocolate cake and ice cream.