Location: Iceland

We started the day off with an extra hour of sleep, which we were all grateful for. After breakfast we went on a scenic hike, and rested at a grassy outlook that overlooked the village and a volcano. We came back to Veghùs and had a filling lunch, then we headed out for 2 hours of community service in the Tröllagardur garden. After we had cleaned up and weeded the garden, we headed to Graena Kanna cafe for some souvenirs and snacks. After about an hour of lounging we went out and played some games in the field again. Max, Kieran, Leigh, Ava, Ellie, and Nola ran around the field while the rest of us attempted to master hackey sack and build a human pyramid. Nola, Ellie, and Emily made pasta for dinner, and once we cleaned up we went on another evening hike. We did squeeze at the lookout spot we had found earlier before breaking off into smaller groups. Robbie led a yoga session with Zora, Emily, and Ciara. Others were taking photos and enjoying the view. Renzo, Kiran, Max, and Drew were all very willing and happy models for pictures. We returned to our guest house for some evening coloring, reading, and talking.