Location: La Carpio & San Jose

Today after waking up we headed to the meetup point. We went to La Carpio and did more volunteer work. This time, the work started by attempting to dig a hole and failing. We did that for about 5 minutes and afterward started filling bags with rocks and sand and then hauling them down a hill for some houses that were burned down. A little girl even came by and asked to help move sand and rocks with her tiny plastic bag. It was pretty exhausting. After that, we went back and had lunch. Then we saw a play done by some of the kid’s grandmas. It was based off a true story of a girl wanting to leave her mundane life on a farm in Nicaragua, who then got married and had children with a guy who turned out to be a drunk. She then left him and went to Costa Rica. It turns out that one of the actors in the play was that girl! Wow! Then we went to a traditional market where there were a lot of things like rings, woodcarvings, and other stuff. Also, one of us broke something and got chased around by the owner. After that, we went back to the house and watched a Superman movie.