Location: South Coast of Iceland

The day started at 7:00 a.m. when Kimmi and Robbie woke us up, so we were ready to go for an adventurous day. We began our day by eating breakfast at the eco-village cafe, loading our bags onto the bus, and catching up on sleep by napping. Our first destination was the Seljalandfoss waterfall. It had other waterfalls near it, so the group split into two to look at them at different paces. Fortunately, one group was able to walk behind Selijalandfoss while the others were exploring the others. Renzo, Drew, Leigh, Kiran, Ava, Thea, Ellie, and Nola came back from behind the waterfall soaked in water. Since we only had thirty minutes at this waterfall, we all had to quickly dry off and head back to the bus to drive to our next location. The next destination was the Skogafoss waterfall. This waterfall was a much larger waterfall. When we approached the bottom of the waterfall, a double rainbow appeared at the bottom due to the mist and radiant sunlight. Everyone was taking pictures and just enjoying the moment. Since we had an hour here, the group walked up hundreds of stairs to see Skogafoss from above. It was a long, difficult climb, but definitely worth the view. Once we all made it down the stairs, we ate our lunches in preparation for a unique experience soon to come.

Before we knew it, we were wearing crampons and walking up the Solheimajokull Glacier. When we got to the top of the glacier, we were doing pushups to drink the glacier water, using our leader’s rope to lean over a moulin, and looking out at the breathtaking view. After we all safely made it back down the glacier, we went back to the bus and settled down for a short road trip back to Reykjavik. The last hour of the drive went by quickly since we got our phones back for a bit. It was nice to talk with family and friends from home before Max, Emily, Thea, Leigh, Kiran, Zora, and I went to pick up Domino’s pizza for dinner.