Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This day started great, one for the books. Being a Fun Day, we get to wake up a little bit later than usual, but most of us woke up before 8. So every few days we have to fill up our water tanks, and for those of you who do not know, water aboard this boat is like gold. So when Jamie calls us to the kitchen and says everyone can jump into a freshwater shower and TO NOT turn off the water, we must empty it all… it was shocking. She told us the water we had filled up with yesterday tasted a bit chlorinated, so we had to empty all of it so we can fill up with new water. All of us are going around the boat cleaning the heads with fresh water, the back, the dishes, our clothes, etc. We brought up the anchor and headed to Scrub Island to fill up the tanks, and then went to Muskmelon for a day filled with water sports. We did something super cool when we anchored, we put down the anchor and then tied the stern to a rock, it was awesome. We ate some lunch and then all jumped into the crystal clear turquoise water for a bit. Ty and I took out a Zest, a mini sailboat that only fits two people. It was so much fun, and we thankfully did not flip but did come pretty close. The wind was all over the place, but at least we sailed a bit better than Isaac and Stefan who just were not moving. After coming back Laney Loo, Brynnie Boo, and I went out with David to learn how to drive the dinghy, Ice Cream. He kept shoving all of us off it whenever we stopped; it was hilarious. After this activity, we went to go knee boarding; this was with Brynn, Chloe, and Kaylee. I went first and was able to get up, and it was so much fun, Will was doing donuts, and I stayed on for a decent amount of time until I went flying off. Everyone went and did pretty well it was seriously a blast. When Brynn fell off, and we went to get her, Kaylee went flying off the dinghy, when I say that, she flew off and Will freaked out but we saw she was laughing and we all were relieved. I went on the Zest one last time with Jamie, and we just chilled out there, and it was peaceful, and we talked a little bit about life which was nice. The day finished out with entertaining saltwater showers, singing to Taylor Swift and the Wicked album (I thought you would like that mom), summer thanksgiving, and a movie. Like I said, this day was one for books. P.S. shout out to everyone at home, love and miss you guys!

p.p.s. s/o to mommy: I wuv u