Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

I woke up this morning to Phoebe screaming out our cabin window: great start! After breakfast, we went and met up with Rebuilding Island Life group and helped them do yard work on a park that was heavily affected by hurricane Irma. For our program, we are more focused on scientific research, so it was nice to try something different. The main focus was clearing up a giant field which was way easier then it sounds. We worked until 1, and we did not fully clear the entire field of weeds, but it was nice to see how much progress was made. After a very long morning, we came back to the boat, and all the students took a nap, then went swimming which was very nice after all the weeding. Today we sailed to Peter Island to the same location that we ended up at on one of the first days of this trip. Tonight was Mexican night which is one of the best food nights we have on our boat, so everyone was pretty excited. Now I’m up in the power tower watching one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen with BZ making sure that I include that she is an amazing staff member in the blog.

To my parents, if you are reading this, hello and to any of my friends reading this, hello as well

Megan McKee