Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a fun day! After all the work we had put in the past couple of days, the crew of Portlandia got to kick back and relax. The day started when the staff all had a meeting, trusting us to make pancakes, clean the boat, and get ready to sail. Our skipper, Elliot, told us to only use the VHF(radio) in a real emergency. Nearly an hour after he said that, we saw a staff dingy float away from the dock, this dingy had no driver. Shaking as my shipmates and I crowd around the VHF, I make the call. “Dock dock dock this is Portlandia Portlandia.” According to the staff at that moment, their talk had gone silent, and every head turned to Elliot. I have never heard more anger in anyone’s voice before. After he learned, what we were calling about he was a little more grateful. After they got back, the staff ate, and we celebrated the 21’st birthday of Maya by eating the cake we did not have time to eat yesterday. After the crew cleaned up, we headed out to Muskmelon Bay, home of the goat man. When we got to the bay, we did many water sports, sailing, and swimming. After a fun day of that, we learned that we were to stage a crippling back injury for VISAR(Virgin Islands Search And Rescue), this turned out to be a lot more fun than advertised. Because I was the skipper, I helped the VISAR guys with the things they needed to do to make sure our victim Rachel was safe. Now, VISAR has a super dingy that packs heat, this thing has two 225 horsepower motors on the stern that packs real power. I thought that they would stop the simulation after they got Rachel on the backboard, But the directions were simple: Roll her over, lift her, strap her in, put on a life jacket, strap yourself to our giant dingy, and then we sped off. I have never felt so much speed on a boat. Truly special, signing off from Portlandia, Turtle.