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Location: Bangkok



Today was very fun and a nice learning experience. Everyone woke up still trying to beat their jet leg. After we all brought our bags down, we had a nice quick breakfast.  As breakfast ended, Dan said time to get in the vans. We all got in but it turned out he was the one making us late as he was checking us out of the hotel.

As we arrived at the organization we took a quick tour of the Klong Toey. After walking around we all soon realized what we had gotten ourselves into. It was a real reality check for everyone. To see how other people live was truly a very eye opening experience.

We then went in to the main office and went over what we were going to do with our time with the organization. After going over everything, we realized we needed some things (long pants, etc.). We quickly hoped in the vans and went to the Walmart of Thailand also known as Tesco. We got our items and left. We then went back and met the founder of the organization, Khun Prateep.

After hearing Prateep’s inspiring words, we all tried to make batiks. Some were very good and some were not as nice. We then played some card games to bring us all closer. After the games we left to go board the overnight train. As we got we had to split in to groups for different carts. I had the pleasure of being with Danielle, Vaan, Madison, Rachel, Anna, Erin and Maddi. We all split up and got different places on the car. As the night moved on we all got in bed all so eager to see where will be staying for the next week.