Location: Drakes Anchorage

Today we woke up a little bit earlier than usual, but it was well worth it because we had french toast

for breakfast. We went on a small hike on Virgin Gorda to a small beach area where we talked about how much plastics mess with the environment and we tried to clean up the beach a little. I found a shotgun shell along with lots of straws, bottle caps and small pieces of broken plastic everywhere. Then for lunch we had mac & cheese and everyone loved it. After lunch I sailed the ship to Deep Bay where we had an introduction to turtle tagging and we “power snorkeled” the bay searching for turtles. I saw 3 stingrays, 3 jellyfish and lots of fish, but we didn’t catch any turtles but we saw at least 20 turtles from the ship. I hope we have better luck next time. After we left deep bay we sailed to Mosquito island where we dropped anchor for the night.