Location: The Andes to Quito

This morning we finished off our epic Olympic competition with a high altitude endurance race. The run consisted of a steep hill followed by a ridge run and a steep downhill finish. Tucker emerged victorious after an intense run. We then hopped aboard a pair of buses to take us back to Quito for the last time. The views from the bus were fantastic, and we were able to see Cotopaxi among other Andean peaks. Back in Quito, we visited our favorite supermarket and then a market in the center of the city. We were given the task of buying a small gift for a member of the trip, and following an incredibly delicious dinner, we presented our gifts to our buddies. The final results of the Olympics were announced, and we watched a slide show of the highlights of the trip (created by Javier). After an eventful final day in Ecuador, we retired to prepare for an exceedingly early wake-up.