Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda


Hi everyone! We had a slow start this morning, our breakfast being our quietest one yet as we were all very tired; however, that didn’t stop us from grabbing tools and heading to shore. As we waited for everything to get set up, we had a stretch circle where we warmed up our bodies before we were lucky enough to get a free ride to a future hydroponic scene. There, we began working, building a greenhouse. We cut some plants in order to make space and cleared out lots of weeds while also giving some water to stray dogs we found under an abandoned truck. We stopped for lunch at around 11:30 and made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before getting back to work leveling the ground. Finally, after a very long day, we walked back to where Krisz took us back to the boat and took a very-needed swim. After our swim, we had an also very-needed hour of silence in which everyone took time to either sleep or read before we began our ocean showers for the evening. Afterward, Rory and Luke made a delicious beef stroganoff that everyone enjoyed for dinner before we had a dance competition in which Luke won, and Nate came in a very close second place. To end the day, we had apple pie before bed, and overall, it was a very fun and memorable day.

– Natalia