Location: Beijing

After two long days of visiting Xi’an, we headed back to our good old apartment. The train ride was long but fun. Sleeping with other snoring people is nothing like it. Even our friends snored! The late train arrived in our “Beijing sweet Beijing” at around 10 am, and everyone was glad to come back finally. Today is the 4th of July, and what other ways can you celebrate the national day by wearing American flags, etc. Arriving at the apartment, we all took a well-deserved shower, and it didn’t matter whether it was cold or hot. We started to watch an interesting movie with our pals about the last emperor of China. The disc had flaws, but our patience never broke. Later we received kung-fu lessons from a martial art master, and we all had a great time learning hand-breaking moves. What better ways is there to finish a night in China than by eating a Chinese dish and sit around in the living room talking about ourselves.