Location: Reykjavík

Day 14 started off with a bright, and early 7 A.M. wake up. At 7:30, we headed to the Blue Lagoon, quite possibly the coolest and biggest hot tub ever. The Blue Lagoon boasts many wonderful amenities that we got to enjoy; everyone loved the Skyr smoothies and the silica face masks. Exploring the massive lagoon provided everyone with either a slight sunburn or an accidental photo-bomb. While we were there, students explored the sauna and steam rooms, making a new friend with a German man from Canada. After getting out of the lagoon, even after a long rinse, everyone suffered from oddly stiff and crusty hair.

Later we all went to everyone’s favorite restaurant in Reykjavik and enjoyed fish and chips and the occasional chicken sandwich. During that time Avery, Emily, and I (Olivia B.) played cards and made the acquaintance of a ‘Norway Man’ and explained our card game to him. When everyone was finished eating, we were given free time to explore the city.

During that free time, we walked around Reykjavik and enjoyed visiting the touristy shops and just being goofy with everyone. Some of the students enjoyed a nap on the grass outside of the local church, Hallgrimskirkja, (most commonly known as Bus Stop #8), others enjoyed purchasing matching Iceland memorabilia, such as t-shirts or hoodies.

Next, we enjoyed an eventful dinner; some people tried actual fermented SHARK, full of fun board games and banter. After the dinner, we walked around the city as a group visiting multiple stores to pick up malt extract (a drink we discovered on day 13). When we got back to the apartments, everyone had time to bond. We were given a letter-writing assignment, which made everyone grow a little closer together. Overall, day 14 was an amazing end to such an impactful and life-changing trip.

Olivia Blue