Location: Dharamsala

Today was Saturday, so we didn’t go to Men-Tsee Khan, but we still had our Lha learning partner this morning. I’m teaching French to my partner, which is not easy because French is a very illogical language. This morning, as usual, it rained very hard, so my partner and I went to a cafe and started our French lesson. My partner is learning French because he wants to move to Paris and open a bakery. He is waiting to get a response from the French government so he can get a visa.

After we finished our language lessons, the GoBeyond students met back up to eat lunch at Common Ground Cafe. In the afternoon, we had a member of the Tibetan Parliament speak to the group. He told us about his point of view of what happened in Tibet and was very animated and interesting. I learned a lot, about how Tibet was claimed as part of China. After that, we hopped in some taxis to go Bhagsu. There we had some free time to roam around and shop. We visited an Indian temple that was dedicated to the deity, Shiva. Next, we stopped at a cafe to play cards and have a snack. When we met up with the rest of the group, we went to a pizzeria and, for India, the pizza was delicious. We got the full Indian experience when we walked back to McLeod Ganj, as there were cows, traffic, monkeys, dogs, treacherous roads, people and lots of honking. Finally, we arrived back to our hotel and watched a movie called 7 Years in Tibet.