Location: Urubamba

Today the “Footsteps of the Inca” started on our Four day Lares Trek. We woke up early and hopped on a van for a three-hour ride to our base. We got off and before starting the hike, soak in some natural hot springs. It took us about two hours to reach our first stop, where we stretched and settled in for the night. The hike was beautiful, with so much to see. We passed through many small communities, and people going about their day. We encountered many herds of domestic animals, starting from the very first moments of the hike: A couple of cows wandered into our path! Once we were settled, we played a few rounds of Werewolf. A private chef cooked us the meal for the night, which was very pleasureful. But sadly it rained all night, and we weren’t able to hike the next day.