Location: West End, Tortola

Today began with a super early wakeup to be on shore by 7 for a hike. We hiked around Spyglass and came together as a group at a helicopter pad. Normally we would hike to the top of Spyglass, but the trails haven’t been fully cleared since Hurricane Irma. At the helicopter pad, we received our handprints with our goals that we made at the beginning of the session and reflected on whether or not we achieved them. During the hike, we were told to find two rocks, a “pretty rock” and an “ugly rock.” The pretty rock was meant to represent something about ourselves that we learned during this trip that we want to take with us when we go home. The ugly rock represented something about us we want to change when we go home. Many people shared what both rocks meant to them and threw the ugly rock off the pad. We hiked back down to the boats and were allowed a quick last swim in the ocean. We then sailed back to the dock and had a few hours of shore time while the counselors finished cleaning the boat. After shore¬†time, we took dock showers and got ready for our third and final barbecue. The barbecue was at Pussers, the restaurant next to the dock and we ate burgers, hot dogs, chips, chicken, and wings. The barbecue was pretty short, and we then headed to the dock for a final talk with Mike. He talked about all the different Action Quest programs, what our final plans are, and ended the night by reading “oh the places you’ll go.” After the dock talk, we cut up our GoBeyond flag into 11 pieces and signed everyone’s piece. We said goodbye to the rest of ActionQuest and are now getting ready to hang out until we fall asleep. We are all super sad to leave each other tomorrow, but everyone is excited to go home.