Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We woke up today in Great Harbor, Peter, had a quick breakfast and got prepared to complete our final project this trip. The Rebuilding Island Life students had already begun working on the project yesterday, but today the entirety of Go Beyond came to Peter Island to help refurbish a very historic BVI property owned by a man named Thurman. The houses we helped rebuild were on the island since the late 19th and early 20th centuries as part of a historic fishing village. Students split into different groups to collect, make, and pour concrete to help rebuild the walls of the important house and rebuild a patio that had been destroyed. After we had exhausted our concrete supplies and felt satisfied with the improvements, we made to the property as. Whole, we returned to our boats for lunch. Because the trip is winding down, and we need to use all of our food, our lunch was a hodgepodge of sandwiches, vegetables, and snacks. After lunch, we were allowed to swim and jump from the boat and our dinghies. We were able to throw lighter students into the water, and not a single injury was sustained. After everybody had tired out every dive they were able to do, we had a short motor over to The Bight on Norman Island, where we are now preparing for a dinner of rice, beans, and hot dogs, while our staff is having a meeting. This day has been a very satisfying ending to our service projects and another very fun day as our voyage is wrapping up.