Location: West End, Tortola

Today, everyone woke up at 6:30, and slowly figure out the way around the boat, because of the late night yesterday. We ate breakfast and got ready for the second hike up to SpyGlass. At 7:30 we were at the bottom of the mountain ready to hike up. Torin told us to find two rocks one rock to symbolize one quality that you want to leave here and one quality that you want to take home. When we reached the top of SpyGlass we look around at the beautiful view of the Caribbean. Each one of us all thought back to the first hike up to Spy Glass on the third day and how fast time can fly. After a couple of pictures on top of the mountain, we gathered in a small circle and discussed the two qualities that you want to leave here and take away. After the talk, we walked hiked down from SpyGlass, and we took the road to the helicopter landing spot where we took more pictures, just like the third day. Then we walked back up to the dinghies, motored back to Catalinaville and headed to West End. On the way, we had an exhausting cleanup and when we got to West End, we continued the exhausting clean up until 3 o’clock. After the clean up we had shore time up until around 6:00 when the barbeque started at Pusser’s. We then came back to the boat and said our goodbyes before bedtime.

Staff Blog: “Don’t blink. Parts of this trip are going to seem like a lifetime, but it’s going to be over before you know it.” Early on in our program, Torin, Hannah, and I left our shipmates with these words to keep with them through the session. Looking back through all our projects and taking stock of what we’ve accomplished in the community, many goals for the session achieved and new goals moving forward made, and all the friendships made along the way, it’s hard to believe that it has only been three weeks. While coming down Spyglass for the second time, it feels like only the day before that we were walking up that very same path. At the summit this morning, Cate mentioned that we are no longer tourists. I think that’s all we can hope for as we wrap up our program, that in this short time we, a group of young people from all over the country and the world, can come together and find a sense of community both on Catalinaville and in the BVI. We have had a special group here to kick off our summer. Laura and Phon are constantly keeping the boat roaring with laughter. Michael has come into his own as a leader. Nick is conquering Mt. Sage is just the start of what he can do, on top of becoming the scrambled egg master. Molly has settled in and is diving headfirst into projects. Sophie is a natural leader, and her strength is remarkable. Brooke’s insights during our squeezes have been eye-opening.

Kat hasinspired all of us with her courage and growth. Cate, one-afternoon getting stung by a jellyfish, was conquering her fears and diving off the transom that night. Victoria’s new found love for sailing has been a pleasure to watch grow. Camille and Dara seemingly could clean all the beaches in the BVI if we had the time and they brought that same determination and passion to all our activities. Tarm impressed us all with his hard work at VISAR and turtle catching prowess. Leila is a natural with the school children we worked with. After getting the privilege of having this group of students to be my first ever group of Lifeworkers, I’m proud to say I believe as we get off the boat tomorrow to go our separate ways, we leave as friends and family where we were once strangers and as global citizens where we were once tourists.