Location: Anegada

Today we began our day a little earlier than the last few. As skipper, I was given the wonderful privilege of waking the rest of the boat up at 6 am, which I am almost certain everybody appreciated quite a bit (not!). Following the rude awakening, we gathered for a breakfast of oatmeal and cereal, and immediately after began preparing for our long day of turtle tagging. After a 10-minute taxi cab ride, we arrived at the Old Fishermans Wharf in Anegada, A local fisherman/DJ named Richard took four students out at a time searching for Sea Turtles to be tagged. The first group brought back our first turtle to tag, which I got to name, and chose to name him Corey. People not out on the boat passed time reading and playing cards. Our second boat was able to bring back three sea turtles, of which all three had already been tagged, a sure sign of the effectiveness of GoBeyond students in the area. By the end of the day, we had successfully caught and tagged six turtles. While I declined my choice to help with the capture, I was quick to accept the offer to help with the releasing of turtles. Then we took our final Anegada cab ride, said our last goodbyes to the islands, goats, cows, and flamingos. We then took our short ride back to the boat and began showering and getting ready for the evening: all in all, a slow-moving day, but one that left us feeling accomplished.