Location: La Fortuna

We woke up in our nice family-style apartment/hotel and headed next door to Enrico and Meca’s for breakfast. After a night of packing up to head out to our new and unknown destination, we piled onto Hugo’s bus and drove for about two hours taking frequent naps and snack breaks. In between our naps where we were cuddled up in our beach towels, we ate countless cookies, plantains chips, and peanuts to hold us over until lunch. We threw it back old school and ate some cafeteria-style beans and rice. Today’s special was a flavorless salad consisting solely of lettuce. To accompany this, we indulged ourselves with strangely yellow eggnog labeled “crema,” To stretch our legs in preparation for a longer rest of the drive, we stopped at a souvenir shop in search for beachy and BriBri style matching necklaces and of course little trinkets for our loved ones back home;) After this, we headed to our final destination about three hours away from where delighted in our meal. During our journey, we entertained ourselves with card games such as BS and Rats, and of course, a few more naps. Upon arrival, we checked out our rooms and had a little downtime before meeting up with everyone to play an intense game of Soup Salad (Meca’s version of charades). After a tasty dinner, we had a different version of our seshes where we started working on personalized letters for everyone in the group as a way to end the trip, so basically, emo hours.