Location: Anegada

The fantastic 8th day of Lifeworks life on Luna Kahuna started with us eating a delicious meal consisting of French toast. A boat favorite! After the wholesome and delicious breakfast, we geared up with our flip-flops and sunglasses, and we got to have a few hours of shore time! This shore time was very nice and refreshing because it had been three days since we had been on land. It was also great to get our phones and have time to call our parents while on shore. After shore time had concluded, at around midday, we grouped on the boat and got ready to go sailing! Today was a relatively long sail-about two hours. As the skipper, it was my job to man the helm. Personally, I really enjoyed driving the boat from Leverick Bay to Anegada because it is calming to ride the wind across the big blue sea. A very peaceful and humbling thing. After a long last, we finally reached Anegada and upon anchoring, we saw 5 sea turtles! Before this, we hadn’t seen any sea turtles, so seeing these turtles was an absolutely crazy thing! Once we got settled and anchored, we opened up the lazarette and got the snorkeling gear out. We went snorkeling in the mangroves of Anegada and saw many cool creatures like sea cucumbers and even jellyfish. We were in the water for a while but it felt like only 5 minutes because it was so much fun! Once snorkeling had concluded, the sun was setting and we were getting ready for the best night of the session- Mexican night! We ate burritos and rice. It was definitely a night where everyone can agree on one thing. Eating too much because the food is so good. After dinner and clean up, we got ready for bed and prepared for another great day in the morning.