Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today, we were woken up with music and had a tiny breakfast. We then went to Spyglass Hill and hiked to the top. The view was incredible. The water was so blue, the air was so clean, and the 360-degree view was so pretty. Our group went back to the boat and had a real breakfast. Our chefs Seth and mini Ed Sheeran made us great eggs and banana nut bread. Soon after, we slipped our mooring and set sail for our 4-hour trip to Virgin Gorda. Elliot taught me how to steer; however, there wasn’t a lot of wind today, and it was blowing in a different direction which only happens 360/365 days, so we used the engines most of the time. We passed by dead man’s chest and got to hear a cool story about Salt Island. Finally, we arrived at the island and cleaned up the beach. Also, we had enough time to hang out at the beach. Now, we’re back on our boat, just showered, and now dinner’s being served!! Gtg☺