Location: Little Harbor, Peter Island

Today began with a delicious meal of scrambled eggs and chocolate chip banana bread. Yum! After that, we had a very chill morning filled with some much needed cleaning and a snack party. Following that, we headed for West End, Tortola where we had the choice of planting mangrove trees or helping out with the local YEP(Youth Empowerment Program) kids. The mangrove group spent a lot of time in the mud! It was an amazing experience to plant these incredibly important trees. When we came back together as a group, we prepared for a fake injury to help the wonderful volunteers at VISAR train. VISAR stands for Virgin Island Search and Rescue, and they essentially act as a coast guard force in the BVI. We assigned a few great actors on Grins, including Griffin who had a broken leg and Hayden/Boone as distractors. We tested the VISAR volunteers, who remained calm and had a little fun too! After that, we all took showers in the ocean while watching THE most amazing sunset. Earlier, some seagulls had a nice snack on our Mexican food and pooped all over the deck while we all on Spindrift, the other boat. What a mess! Later we are going to have some yummy desserts, and then hit the sheets! A special shout out to Griffin’s Mom on her birthday. I love you and see you soon to my Mom, Dad and Jennifer. Say hi to the kitties and woofer for me!