Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we had a relaxing morning consisting of reading, sleeping in, and eating pancakes for breakfast. After cleaning up, we started sailing to West End, where our journey originally began, to restock on water and food. While we were there, we went back to a previous mangrove site and documented their growth and replanted some that had not grown. We then left the West End dock and sailed to Sea Cow Bay to document and replant another mangrove location site. We were documenting the mangroves’ heights and coordinates. If they were missing or dead, we would replant them with healthy propagules that we had collected from mangroves on the second week of our trip. After finishing this, we left feeling hopeful that the propagules will successfully regrow. We then sailed to our home for the night, Great Harbor, Peters Bay, finished off the day with Mexican food night, brownies and now a yet to be decided movie!