Location: Ollantaytambo

Today was our last full day of community service on this trip. We went to the same community as Thursday, but today was much different work. We started by taking out the white rocks and dirt from a big pile of brown dirt. The brown dirt is what we used to mix with water, dung, and a particular grass to create adobe bricks. Once we were ready, we dug holes into the side of the dirt piles. Eventually, we got to mixing the dirt with water in the holes to create the cement. To do this, we needed to get in the mix. So Lara, Wesley, and Bella mixed everything by stomping on it. The time came to move the adobe cement mixture to the brick models. After packing lots of bricks (32!), we washed off the dirt, took some group pictures, and then left. We ate lunch, then went back into town for a guided tour of the Incan part of Ollantaytambo. We got to see how traditional houses were built as well as traditional tools used a long time ago.