Location: Cuzco


Author: Lisa Location: Cuzco Hola! Our morning was relaxed, and we had some free time before lunch, after which we set out to do more volunteer work. We visited an orphanage. The children and adults housed there suffered from mild to very severe disabilities and defects. Many of us were somewhat shocked and uncomfortable at first as it was like entering another world. We began helping by feeding the children and ended up diving into tasks such as dressing and lifting the not-so-small kiddos into bed. Some of these things were quite challenging and many times required the effort of small groups of us. One of the nuns there commended us on our willingness to step up, get our hands dirty, and get done what needed to be done, which she said was uncommon for a group’s first visit. This women also offered us inspiring insight encouraging us to show compassion and use our ability to help others to the fullest. After we left, we recognized the variety of emotions that had overtaken us during the visit: shock, discomfort, sadness, empathy, gratitude, compassion, and more. While it was a difficult visit at times, we brought smiles to the kids as they did to us, and we were all glad that we went.

(Sorry for the lack of photos…pictures are not allowed in the orphanage!)