Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

We woke up today to the delicious smell of scrambled eggs, peppers, and freshly cut tomatoes. We all got up from a great nights sleep and went straight to motoring over to Trellis Bay. After searching and successful looking for a mooring ball, we brought the dinghies to land. While on land, we were lucky enough to pick up some school children who are part of the organization YEP (Youth Empowerment Program). Once the children arrived on the boat, we started to join and make groups with them. Some of them where in the same grades as us, or we had shared interests with them. We motored over to Cam Bay, which is on Great Camanoe to help to clean up the beach. We had to note down each piece of plastic that we found before we could collect it. This information is going to be given to (Insert Organization Name). They work to help understand what happens with recycled plastics and more specifically, where they will turn up. Once finished with that we all had a bit of a swim off the back of the boat. Sadly, the short time that we had with our new friends had to come to an end. We turned back and motored to Trellis Bay, where once the kids were dropped off, we on the Go Beyond trip got to have some shore time. We got to go and visit the studio of Aragorn. He is a locally famous artist whose artwork is featured on islands such as Necker Island (Richard Branson’s Island). Once we had restocked all of our candy and potatoes chips that we had eaten in the last couple of days, we dinghied back onto the boat. Once we put away all of our sugary snacks and drinks, we got underway to get to Sommer’s Beach. Once we had arrived over at Sommer’s Beach, we started to do a V.I.S.A.R. Simulation. V.I.S.A.R, which stands for Virgin Island Search and Rescue, is a service that consists of all volunteer service men and women except for one permanent worker. Our simulation consisted of Griffin, a student on the other Go Beyond boat faking a head injury, and then V.I.S.A.R. coming over and attempting to save him and bring him to safety. After the simulation ended, we got to go on a joyride in there almost 500 horsepower super dinghy. After V.I.S.A.R. gave us all a talk on how they operate in the BVI, and some of the A.V.I, we got to go and eat and a beach barbecue with the rest of the Action Quest and Go Beyond members. We got to munch on burgers and pineapple punch before we got drenched on with rain. Tomorrow we hope for some better weather.