Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we accomplished many things. Alissa, one of the program staff, started the day off by making our boat blueberry muffins. We painted a mural at a school in Virgin Gorda. I experienced a major cultural shock during this time. The school was in session when we were painting. Students would gather around the stairs and look in awe. At one point, a little boy came up to Megan, a fellow shipmate on my boat, and asked what was in her eye. I walked over to her to check what was there, but I saw nothing. Megan asked the student what he meant, and he said the blue. It took me a second to understand. The boy had never seen blue eyes before. This was the major culture shock of day 6 to me. Overall today was a tiring day, but it was nice to look back at all the work we had done for the students. It made me happy to see all the children’s faces once it was completed.

When the painting finished, we headed back to our boats and showered in preparation for a program-wide BBQ in Leverick Bay. I’m excited to see yet another place of these beautiful islands and get to meet some people on other Global Expedition programs!

Until next time,

Sasha Tuczak