Location: Terraba & Buruca

Today we woke up at 7:40 to have breakfast at eight before leaving around 9 am. We did a drive of 2h before getting to the museum. While at the museum they explained to us a lot about the people who live in the forest. We all touched a huge spherical stone that is supposed to give you energy. After that, we walked for 5m to a house, and there we watched a show about the people who lived in the forest and saw a ritual. After we got back from the hotel, we put some more layers on because it was pretty cold outside. Then they showed us how they make chocolate and we were able to taste the hot chocolate after. It was not good because they put the chocolate with water and not with milk. It was also raining so hard that and it was hard to take pictures of everybody making chocolate! After we did our bracelets made of seeds, it was fun. Then we ate some rice and chicken before going to sleep. We slept for the first time without A/C, and there were lots of bugs, but I still slept very well.