Location: Ollantaytambo

Today was the first day where the sacred valley group worked with an organization called My Small Help. In the morning, a few members of the organization came to the hotel to give a description of their mission and our upcoming activities. Next, we went to a school in Huayocari. There, we were split into two groups where half helped with a class learning English, and the rest helped with painting to make a fence made out of recycled bottles. After about 45 minutes, everybody came back together to have recess with the kids. We then ate lunch at a soccer field across the street and played when we were done eating. Later, we put the fence up and painted a game on the ground for the kids to play on. A few of the kids came back to the school to help us, and we finished with a group photo.

To end the day we went to dinner and then back to the hotel and watched a movie.