Location: Cahuita and Westfalia

After waking up bright and early to the sounds of birds, mosquitoes, and lizards, we eagerly head to breakfast still hungry from the “small walk” the day before. Even though there was some confusion with the bus times for leaving the indigenous area we had been in, we luckily squeezed onto one in order to make it across the river in time to see the wonderful and not lazy sloths(and of course Hugo). Before seeing my alter ego, we went over to the Costa Rican National Park to relax on the beach for a while. Even with some rain, the water was warm, and the sand was perfect for castles! Next, we headed over to another part of the park, the sloth sanctuary. Here, we took a boat tour of the reserve while seeing sloths in their natural habit replica of high trees and lots of vegetation. While learning many facts about sloths, the group and I noticed that I seem to fit in well with them. They are not, in fact, lazy, just energy-efficient, and that is a skill that took adaptability! I am now wearing my sloth themed t-shirt in order to feel at home with those of my kind.