Location: Ollantaytambo

Author: Jasmin Location: Ollantaytambo This morning I woke up with the desire to make an extra special impact on the children of Peru. Meeting this goal was extremely easy, as upon arriving at the school we were broken up into three groups to work with three groups of amazing Peruvian kids. The first group of children I worked with consisted of six smiling faces eager to play Simon Says and draw pictures. Simon Says first started as being completely in Spanish, but slowly transpired into all English. Witnessing this was beautiful! I was so proud of the children for their strides in learning the English language. The six children at the end of their session met my friends and me with kisses, hugs, and words of thanks. The other two groups of children left equally heartwarming impacts on my friends and I. This experience was something I could never fathom forgetting. Seeing the smiles of the children left me speechless, as I realize these smiles will translate into new opportunities for them.