Location: Necker Island

Today, we woke up to Shannon and Anna getting smashed by a wave on the bow of the boat. We had a long sail ahead of us because we got a private invitation to tour Necker Island. The sail there was very rough. After hours, we finally made it to the island. Richard Branson had a couple of the staff meet us at the dock to take us on the tour. We learned that 90% of the animals found there were imported and are highly endangered. On the island, we got to feed the panda lemurs, see different kinds of turtles, climb to tour his main house at the top of the island, and we even saw flamingos! Later, we left and set sail for Marina Cay, when we arrived there, we had some shore time and got our phones for an hour. Now we are getting ready for dinner then we are going to meet Mike and all of ActionQuest for an evening activity.