Location: Amritsar to Delhi

Our day started late with a 10:00 am breakfast. We packed up and left the hotel around 12:00 to go to the airport. The security at the airport was insane. There were 5 different security checkpoints, so it took forever to get to the seating area. The plane ride was short, and I wrote my note cards for each person in our group. When we arrived at the Delhi airport, we got our bags with no hassle and walked to where the taxis were. The traffic getting to our hotel in Delhi was terrible, so we barely had any time to get ready for our final dress-up dinner. We were 30 minutes late for our reservation as it was. Everyone dressed up nicely, and we ate at a beautiful restaurant in an artsy district of Delhi called Hauz Khas. I ordered chicken tandoori, which was out of this world amazing. Our restaurant was right next to the Hauz Khas Fort Complex, so our view on the roof was amazing. After dinner, we drove back to the hotel and had a quick talk about our day tomorrow at the Taj Mahal. I then showered and went to one of the standard rooms to hang out with a few people before bed: all in all, a relatively uneventful day besides the amazingly lovely dinner. We’re all looking forward to our visit to the Taj Mahal tomorrow, one of the 7 Modern Wonders of the World.