Location: BVI

Today, most of the boat woke up super early at 4:30 to watch the sunrise. Although I was not awake, my friends on the boat told me that the sky was full of beautiful colors despite the cloudy weather. Then, we departed on a 2-hour sail to Anegada, an island with a population of roughly 300 people. Along the way, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of toasted bagels and an assortment of yogurt! When we arrived, we hopped on Shadow (the dingy) and zoomed over to the island. Our taxi driver, Rondell, took us on an exciting ride to Leona’s farm. At her farm, we constructed compost bins and removed many of the rocks that prevented her from planting. I admired her farming efforts because the island is extremely rocky, and materials are very expensive. Later in the day, Leona showed us her 80 goats, which included several adorable baby goats! Before we left, Leona gave us a bag full of pomegranates, passion fruit, peppers, and lettuce. We took another fun taxi ride back from the farm to a scenic hotel by the water. We met a friendly barter/waiter who served us virgin Pina Coladas and delicious dinners. I ordered lobster pasta, and it was exquisite 😋! We all were content on our way back to the boat. That night, the mooring field was empty, so we got to do a night shower! We all had the best time singing along to our favorite songs while jumping in the water. After a long day, we looked forward to a good night’s sleep. Sending so much love to my family and friends!!