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Location: Buddhist Caves, Datong

Rise and shine but wait, it’s not even nine We got on the bus, without a fuss

The next five hours was rather relaxing What was about to come would be pretty taxing

We stopped for a quick lunch, which was a satisfying munch

Then we headed to the caves, where we were all quite brave

We climbed on the rocks, with our shoes and our socks

The photos we took, should really be published in a book

Before we knew it, the clouds began to rumble The walls began to crumble and a rock even took a little tumble

It started to pour So we hid in a cave with a semi-broken door with a big Buddha chilling in the middle of the floor

Not using our brains We ran into the rain, where we danced and sloshed through puddles, which made us all really want to cuddle

We hopped back on our bus and headed to the hotel where we would stay isn’t that cray?

When we arrived it was time for dinner KFC was a sure winner

Shortly after came a student led forum, where we managed to keep decorum

Now that all has been said, it’s time for bed.