Location: La Carpio

After a much needed full nights rest with our warm Costa Rican Families, we set off for our first day of work in La Carpio ( a poverty community). We set up a reading workshop and started the process of painting two murals in this impoverished yet hopeful community. Although we were still sore from our work seeing the children smile makes everything worthwhile. It is truly inspiring to see how far this area has progressed from Gail’s descriptions of how La Carpio used to be. Gail is the founder of the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation and it clear that everyone in the community adores her. After a days work in La Carpio (with only one brief soccer break) we invited a local soccer team to join us for the world cup game between the Netherlands and Costa Rica. Never before had Costa Rica advanced so far in the tournament, so everyone was excited. We watched with strained hearts as the Ticos battled the number 1 ranked Netherlands scoreless through 120 minutes of play. We were disappointed to see Costa Rica fall short in the end, unable to best a gigantic Dutch goalie.¬†Although we felt sad for the loss, the locals took the loss amazingly well. There were still celebrations in the streets and an overwhelming sense of national pride. After the game, we took a quick stop at a coffee shop where we gave a call to our families that struck an emotional cord of many.¬†After a big day, we returned home to our host families and enjoyed a peaceful night.