Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was a great day of firsts for all of us! We all woke up early at 630am having tried out the new sleeping arrangements including sleeping in a hammock and on the deck under the stars. Everyone had arrived safely and we got to know one another better. Straight after we got up we had a swim jest- jumping off the dock into the water, swimming some lengths and treading water. Next a breakfast of cereal and then we had an introductory talk from from the director which ranged from the serious to slightly comical! We all were very excited to leave dock and start sailing to our destination. After a quick stop at the local shop we got some snacks and we were off. Today I was the skipper so I was lucky enough to get to steer the boat and direct the crew. It was amazing to be at the sea in the open water and the wind was up so we had a great ride tacking across to Norman Island. We put down anchor and then after a quick sandwich and salad we went snorkeling. This was absolutely incredible and for most people the highlight of the day. We snorkeled at the Caves in between beautiful multi-colored fish that swam past us in schools. After this we returned to the boat to dry off and we all had our first ocean showers which was very refreshing. Finally we ate a delicious dinner cooked by our chefs of the day consisting of sloppy joes, mashed potatoes, salad and bread rolls.

We finished our meal off with the squeeze question sharing our favorite parts of the day and answering the question: if you could be any famous person in the world AND change one thing about them, who/what would it be. This brought up some very comical responses. Now we are tidying up our boat and getting ready for evening program which is an introduction to Lifeworks and our community activities for the next few days. All in all it was a great day and it is hard to believe that we managed to fit all of this into such a small period of time. We are all looking forward to another day of activities tomorrow! Hi Mum, Dad and Clare! Hope you are all having a good time at home!