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Location: Anegada

Today was more of a relaxing day. We started off the day with some of the  best French toast made on the boat. I ate then six slices, setting the boats  record of most slices eaten. To make it even better for the electronically  deprived we got shore time and got to have our phones. We caught up on the  world a little bit and i bought two shirts. After that I took some pictures  for school, called my parents and then we set sail for Anegada. Since I was  the skipper I had the option to drive the boat. Thanks to my expert steering  and my expert mates on board we managed to get to Anegada way before the  other boat. Once we arrived in Anegada we ate some nice soup and relaxed. Around six we had a nice talk about plastic and learned the impact of plastic  on the world. Plastic is BAD! After our plastic talk it was time to take and  ocean shower with one of the Most beautiful sunsets. (thank god I had my  camera) Dinner was also amazing. We had burritos and played Mexican music in  honor of our Mexican dinner. The days keep getting better and  Better!