Location: Anegada

Waking up at a reasonable time today in Anegada is always a good start of the day. After having a brief breakfast, we headed into the dinghy for a day filled with turtle tagging. Driving to our destination included seeing around the flat island, with goats, cows, and a few chickens. The team set up all the equipment and not long after a little turtle appeared on our table. I never knew to tag a sea turtle consisted of so many things. Our boat took an hour to catch one. We were told that in all of history of the Lifeworks program, they have never seen a group take so long to catch one. Thank god Sam caught one or else it would’ve been the walk of shame for my group. Yikes. For most of the day, that was what we did. In total, we caught nine turtles! Now, it’s off to a party, and the DJ is the man who drove us around to our destinations today… small world, huh?