Location: Beijing

At approximately 6 am today, we were rocked awake by the moving train (and Catherine shaking us), as we arrived back in Beijing for our last full day in China 🙁 5 sleepy teenagers trudged their way out of the train station and onto our bus where Buddy anxiously awaited our arrival.


Immediately upon arrival at the homestead (what I call our apartment), we all showered while our chefs made us breakfast. Breakfast consisted of eggs, fruit and an interesting interpretation of big size cinnamon toast crunch. After breakfast, we went directly to Dewdrops where we all did our thang. I was only in the toddler room for a bit, but I could see that everyone was in their usual positions. I was mostly in the baby rooms (as I always am), where I hung out with my two mains (who have suddenly and conveniently been moved to the same room). When it was time to go I was sad, but I knew we had one more time this afternoon.

Once home, some of us packed while chefs made us lunch. Olivia struggled through her packing while Mollie refused even to begin putting things in her suitcase. After a quick meal, some of us began writing our reflections while dishies began their duties. We had more time to spare before our second round of Dewdrops after Reflections, so some of us continued packing; I napped. Then it was time to go again. I went directly back to my babies again. I spent half the time with my girl and the other half with my main boy. For the last half hour, I sat with my baby sleeping against my chest and felt an impending doom approaching. Then Evan came in and said it was time to go and my heart sank as I set my baby down, knowing I was unlikely ever to see these babies that have stolen my heart again.

At the restaurant, we finally performed as a band, banging on tables, cups, chopsticks, crushing plastic water bottles and belting our Taylor Swift. It was a show not to be missed. Then we head home and wrote CARDS! We all sat quietly or tried to stay quiet as we poured our hearts and souls out onto a little card. Afterward, we were fed ice cream by mom and dad while we rocked out to music (I performed to Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls). Then the rest of the evening involved us hanging out, chatting and looking at pictures as we processed the fact that we’re leaving tomorrow. So there we go. Next time we wake up, we will be gathering our bags and heading on a plane home. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this journey was “once in a lifetime” experience and we will never forget it. 

Now, we look forward to our NYC meet up (and we hope session one can join 😉


Over and out (for the last time),

Rachel Struthers