Location: Great Dog Island

Today we woke up to french toast and fruit. After that, we were told that we were going to go turtle tagging. Once we were taught the right way to catch turtles, we broke into three groups to search Lee Bay for turtles. The way we searched for turtles went like this; two people were dragged behind a dinghy and used their snorkel gear to look around for turtles. After about an hour of searching Lee Bay for turtles, one of the boats got one. They brought it back to the boat, and we were taught how to tag the turtle. So while we were tagging the turtle, another group was out looking for turtles, but they could not find another one. So after we let the turtle go, we had a lunch of deli meats and PB and J sandwiches. So after lunch, we headed over to Trellis Bay to go to Aragorn’s organic farm on Tortola. When we got there, we split into two groups. The first group moved rocks and built a wall, and the other group threw rocks down a hill so that they could build a wall for a new road. When everyone was done with their work, we got to eat fresh mangoes. After we were done with the farm, we took a crazy taxi ride back to Trellis Bay. When we got back to the boat, the chefs prepared dinner while we made our way to Great Dog. Once we got to Great Dog, we all took saltwater showers in the ocean and ate beef and tomato stroganoff. After all that we had a quiet, relaxing night.