Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today Moko Jumbie woke up with a life-changing experience ahead of us. We sailed to Virgin Gorda and went to a school called Bregado Flax where we would take over the summer program for the day. There were 16 children that we would play with for the day (all 32 of us) which help make it manageable and a great experience for all of us. The games we played were soccer, red light green light, duck duck goose and racing. The crafts we made were balloon animals, bracelet making and face painting. My personal favorite was the face painting. It was so funny seeing everyone after they got painted on. After making new friendships, we finished that part of the day giving piggyback rides to the students of Bregado Flax back to their classrooms and saying goodbye. It made my day when I received a kiss on the cheek and a giant hug before we left. We walked back to our dinghies, and after that, all we wanted to do was take a nice refreshing swim. Today I was the skipper, so I got the opportunity to sail which I loved. Now we’re getting ready for the dance we have with ActionQuest, and I know we’re all excited for that.