Location: New Life Project, Kanchanaburi

Today was a happy and crazy day we went to a local high school to teach English to 100 students! Some of the students were from the New Life Project, but most of them were new faces. We taught in pairs over two sessions, morning and afternoon, we split the group into four smaller groups of 25 students and worked with each group in rotation. We had planned our lessons yesterday ” fun games and songs. Yoyo and I (Owen) played Bingo in the morning with each group, teaching them English numbers and having a fun competition we had two girls and two boys win the game. In the afternoon, we sang hokey pokey, which was fun getting the students to shake and move their bodies. The other Lifeworks students played competitive games and fun activities it was great fun and hard work. We also learned a few Thai words to help us communicate with the students. At the end of the day we all came together to say goodbye and take a big group photo and on the way back to drink chocolate shakes to cool down after a long days effort. When we arrived back, we met up with the New Life children after their day at school, we sat with them in the library, and some of us read books with them. Afterward, we had a delicious last supper followed by a big farewell celebration with the children, which turned into a dance party! It was crazy and fun; we were dancing and singing to songs like – Everyone put your hands up and shake your body!!! Lots of candy was passed around as gifts for them. After the party we had to say our goodbyes to the children, there were a lot of hugging and tears, which went on for a long time ” it was so hard to say goodbye! Everyone at New Life Project is so lovely. We love you guys so much!!! We will miss you!! Our time here is the best memory we will all keep forever!!