Location: Anegada

Today was our day out. We went in our dingy to land, where we met the quest group. Once we got there, we split into two groups, and we hopped into this red van with Rondel, a tour guide on the island, and started the drive. Our first stop was to see flamingos in water so blue and clear it was white. Turns out the flamingos weren’t close to us but off in the distance nesting, so we’re still gonna check that off the box. The next stop was an iguana nursery where they raised rare Iguanas until adulthood, then released them. Then we stopped by an old fishing wharf where there were conch shell mounds and lobsters aplenty. The last stop was to see sharks and turtles. Unfortunately, there were no turtles, but we swam with sharks. When I say swam with sharks, what I mean is we saw sharks, then went on a mile walk down the beach and dipped in. After our long day of exploring, we went out to a nice lobster restaurant and got some good food. After that, we all crashed because we were so tired.