Location: La Finca

We woke up this morning at 7:30 and had a wonderful breakfast at Hotel Mono Azul. We immediately set off on a three-hour bus ride back to La Finca for our student-led volunteer day.  We organized and arranged groups to work on different projects that needed to be completed.  Some people made a dog house for Princesa while others finished a fence. After we got done working, we played soccer with some kids from La Carpio and then got to know them over a light dinner.  Then we got to have a bonfire that our guides made for us, and we all made S’mores and talked and laughed. After a few hours of that, Nela set up a surprise for one of our students, Sarah, and one of the workers at La Finca, Antonio. What surprised us was that even at Antonio’s 23rd birthday, he’d never had a proper birthday cake. It was a great experience to share with him and all of the other students!