Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

This morning we got to sleep in and woke up to a pancake breakfast. After breakfast, Elliot went over the different types of plastics and their differences. We watched videos and discussed the effects of plastic on animals and the environment. Then we got ready to go and went on a small hike to a rocky beach. There we did a short beach cleanup where we found oil containers, rope, lots of fishing net, and more. When we got back to the boat, we pulled up anchor and sailed to North Sound for our first try at turtle tagging. Elliot and BZ taught us about the importance and basics, and everyone was excited to hop in. We all got in the dinghies and got closer to the shore. Rachel was the first to spot the turtle, and soon, everyone was closely following it. Many people got really close and even touched the turtle, but Fiona caught the turtle and brought it back to the dinghy. We all came back to watch Elliot and BZ collect the data and tag the turtle who was quickly named Fifi. I got to release Fifi, along with the other GoBeyond boat’s Skipper of the Day. After that, everyone was in good spirits as we sailed to Leverick Bay and got ready for the barbecue with all of GoBeyond and ActionQuest. There we had good food, music by DJ HeavyBeatz, and all hung out there until around 10:30. It was a long, but very eventful day.