Location: Bangkok

Today was the last day of volunteer work for our Lifeworks group. As usual, we headed to DPF after breakfast. Once we got to the foundation, we were led to a small compound where we would spend our last moments of contributing to the Klong Toey community. At the compound were a few sets of rusty playground rides. Our job was to paint them with a layer of enamel, then coat them with a new set of colors. As if the sun knew that it was our last volunteer work on this trip, we were faced with possibly the strongest heat we have ever felt. Despite the immense heat, we were able to put all our concentration and effort and eventually finish off strong knowing that it will be our last moment working as a group. After completing the paint job with the playground rides, we headed to Tesco to buy donation supplies (i.e., adult diapers, milk, instant noodles, cooking oil, rice, etc.) that will be handed out tomorrow to the Klong Toey community since everyone besides Rose, Bryn, Yoyo, and Owen were not able to participate in the rice delivery a few days ago. After buying a shopping cart full of donation supplies, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our last dinner. Although I was not able to acquire a nice outfit for dinner, everyone looked very fresh and nice (Tres who wore his school band outfit). We went to a really cute restaurant and had a great time enjoying our last dinner. Looking back at the beginning of this trip, time certainly flew by. Contributing to the community in need with such an awesome group of friends for three weeks will be an unforgettable life-changing experience that will be a turning point for every one of our lives.