Location: China

This morning we were greeted with delicious crisp toast, and jam. After a filling breakfast, my friends and I headed over to one of the many amazing Little Flower centers, where orphans who are disabled are treated and loved. Over at the center, we took part in the organization’s idea about helping and preserving children’s hope for a brighter future. This included many indoor and outdoor activities, which involved a fun frisbee match, which Ben, a ten-year-old won! After a wonderful pasta lunch, we went over to the baby and toddler center where I got to help a little girl with an extremely hard time breathing. This was the first time our group had a full day of working with children. At first many of us, including myself, thought it could be overwhelming in a sort, but it left everyone feeling proud of the work we completed together as a group. Overall, today was a heartwarming experience, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we are excited for more of these honorable experiences.